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I wish I could say this was unbelievable but alas I cannot. I should have seen this coming. May God have mercy on our souls.

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Thank you Holly.

And J. Daniel.

Much appreciated.

I'll make those calls today.

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On a practical note, is J. Daniel asking us to call Congress? Is there a vote in Congress on this? It looks like this is an FCC vote? What is the messaging for calling Congress? What are they actually able to vote on here or take our calls regarding? I'm all about them getting involved, I'm not clear on the message. Thanks for clarifying.

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does anyone have a specific bill #, or for that matter official title of proposed legislation?

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Here is what I wrote to my representatives.... I'm sure you guys can improve on it...:

I am writing to urge you to support FCC Chairman Brendan Carr, in his opposition to granting the government unprecedented, and unlimited, power over the internet via the planned November 15 2023 vote by the FCC to implement "digital equity". This extreme, radical plan would do irreparable harm to this country.

Please help block this unneeded and dangerous intrusion by the government. Thank you!

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Another day, another horror. What a $hit$how this country is becoming. Thanks for the head's up, Holly. Writing the hopefully not completely useless Congress people who supposedly represent my state. I have some faith in Ted Cruz. He frequently seems to not have his head up his a$$. We'll see.

Husband: Why haven't I heard about this?

Me: Seriously?? 🙄

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This isn't the only thing they're flying under the radar.

It was decided last week that beginning in 2026 all cars sold in the United States will be equipped with a "kill switch," whereby the car can be disabled remotely if it is determined that you are driving poorly.

Rep. Thomas Massie sought to defund this particular provision, hidden in the 1000+ pages of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act bill. His amendment was defeated.

A partial excerpt of Massie's speech, his attempt to appeal to critical thinking:

"Well, we actually don't know how this technology is going to work. And they don't know over at the DoD, either, because we've sent a letter to them that they haven't responded to yet, asking them: will this have cameras inside the car? Will it monitor your eyes to see if you're focused on the road? Will it have cameras on the outside of the car? How will it know what your performance is relative to the road that you're driving on if it doesn't in fact know which road you're driving on?"

"Will it need to know where you are when you are driving? If so, who has access to this data? Who has access to those cameras? Will the Fourth Amendment be followed? Will you require a warrant for your insurance company to access this data? Will you require a warrant for the government to access this data once your car has been disabled and now you're on the side of the road with your children in it for reasons you don't understand? How long until the police show up? Or what if you truly are disabled and you're over to the side of the road? Does anybody show up? How long do you have to get out of the vehicle? Who decides when your vehicle kill switch is disabled and you get to drive again? Who's going to adjudicate that on the side of the road?"

"What if it's rush-hour traffic? What if you know you've already got points against you according to your dashboard, and it's monitored your performance, and now there's somebody's pet in the road, do you swerve to miss it and get your car disabled? What if there's an emergency vehicle approaching from behind you, and you know, the right thing is to swerve off the road and let that vehicle pass? After you've done that three times and now your car says, do it one more time and we're going to leave you on the side of the road?"

This will become law in 2026. Every vehicle manufactured after 2026 will have this capability.

The Democrats used the ever popular appeal to emotions - in this case the horror and carnage caused by drunk driving. Yep. That's right. This ability to kill switch your car is to prevent drunk driving. And compared it to the at first unpopular - but necessary! - seat belt requirements.

All the Democrats and 19 Republicans voted to keep the kill switch.

(Hat tip Tom Woods for highlighting yet again how the sociopaths have seized the levers of power and control. Cluster B indeed.)

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